Movin’ Maze 3D

Upgrade with better controls are here!

1. Default Slide control scheme added.
2. Slide control with higher accuracy.
3. Larger Touch screen control buttons.

“BEST MOBILE GAME” – Nominated for FICCI BAF AWARDS – 2009

Play as the adventurous, ever adorable ‘Froo’, and its journey through the wonderful world of moving mazes. Puzzles change dynamically as ‘Froo’ moves about on the board. Face a plethora of obstacles and baddies as newer challenges unfurl. Scamper to the safe house while treading over disappearing floors, whirlpools, sticky flooring, lasers etc. Switch between 2D and 3D views to alter the functionality of certain elements. Over 70 playable levels and an array of collectibles await you.

UPDATE: Thank you for all your feedbacks. Appreciate for your continued feedback.

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