Movies Object Quiz

Do you think you know about movies? Try this addicting game to prove it!
See if you can guess to which movie belongs each of the 200 objects.
Enjoy all the info related to the movies in the hints. Ask your friends for help or just challenge them to see who knows more about movies!

★★★ Top 20 in 2 Countries ★★★

★★★ Top 100 in Many Countries ★★★

We selected 200 objects or characters that appear on well known movies. You’ll be challenged to guess the name of classic movies from the 1930’s up to new movies released in the 2010’s. All the genres included, from drama, action to comedy and computer animated.

Score System
Guess all the letters with no mistakes and you’ll make 100 points. Every time you type a letter that is not present in the title, you lose one life and points. Make 3 mistakes and a countdown timer will start. You can resume trying to guess the object after the time is finished or you can use a hint to instantly resume playing.

– 10 levels
– 200 movies to guess
– Share or challenge your friends on Facebook and Twitter
– 600 hints with info about the movies
– Reset button so you can play again with your family or friends from start
– In-app purchases
– Remove ads option
– Win hints as you play

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