MovieCharades: Dígalo con Mímica

Movie Charades: Dígalo con Mímica, is the Spanish version of the most fun and complete Charades experience for your iPhone & iPod touch.

All the menu and movie titles are in Spanish, if you are looking for the English version you can find it here:

★ 1200 Charades ready to use, and up to 2000 through downloadable packs.

★ Customizable settings to use in any Charades party.

★ Organizes Teams, keeps scores and track times so you can relax and play.

★ Film your friends funniest performances while playing and share them instantly.

Gather up with friends and enjoy countless hours of fun (now in spanish) with this amazing app. More than 4 players are recommended.

(This game uses movie titles from spanish speaking countries. This movies may be known with different names in your country).

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