Movie Story

You carry on a small movie company. There are a group of excellent employees; they help you to movie a lot of popular movies, so you stand out in a number of movie companies. You poached a variety of new staff, from the other companies hired better staffs to enhance the strength of your own company. You looked at your movie company growing day by day; you watch every movie by your movie company in cinema. Are you in spirits at your success? Or you think it’s just certainly?
“movie Company” will bring you success and bring you joys, bring you happy after hard operation. Or you are already successful, or you still work for your future, but in this game, there is no loser, you’re successful, every audience who has watched the movie by your company will applaud for you, they like your company, like each movie by your company.
This is the happiness that “movie Company” brings to you, and do not hesitate, you only need to click gently with your fingers, the success belongs to you. “movie Company” is waiting for your arrival
1. To bring you the most authentic movie company operations.
2. Player interaction allows you to better experience the game’s authenticity. To the competitors company hired the best talent, experience real business war.
3. More than 40 decorative items,10 functional items
4. Through a variety of ways to train your staff to improve their professional ability to movie high level movies.
5. Lifelike characters, different character expressions.
6. Beautiful scenes, beautiful people, so you never get tired.
7. Many of the game feature that let you be not monotonous play when you play the game.

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