Love puzzles? Get Movex, it never get’s boring!
Just can’t stop moving pieces!

Movex is like 2D Rubik’s cube. More precisely, it is something between Rubik’s cube and Jigsaw puzzle. Slide shuffled pieces of the image with you fingers to recreate the picture.
You can move pieces horisontaly and verticaly. Same as Rubik’s cube each sliding moves all elements of a row or a column.

Complete the puzzle as quickly as possible using the fewest moves.

Movex developes logical thinking, attention and memory.

Cool animation and sound make you feel fun and relaxed.

MovexDeluxe Features:
* Three difficulty levels: 3×3 (easy), 3х4 (hard) and 4х5 (extreme) make it ideal for play for the whole family
* Use pictures from built-in collection, your photo-album and phone cam
* Easy Tap-n-Slide
* Shake device to mix up the pieces and start over
* Movex saves you game state if you have to close it
* Time and steps counter
* Preview of solved puzzle
* Sound effects with the option to turn off
* Auto-pause timer when game is inactive
* The game pauses automatically if the call comes
* Playable on 1st generation iPod Touch

Exrcise your brane, relax and get fun with Movex!

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