MoveColors – Warning: Highly Addictive!

It looks that simple: Move the colors to connect left and right or up and down – they promptly disappear and clear the space. Unfortunately new colors pop up constantly and fill the gaps faster than you like.

“This game is pretty fantastic! … It’s a fantastic combination of deep thinking and needing to work quickly and precisely.” – GameZebo

*** 50 challenging levels, from easy-peasy to nearly impossible.

*** Worldwide ranking, with “groups” to compare with your friends.

*** Specials:

– Walls
– Bombs
– Joker
– Unconnectables
– Storm

*** Clever bonus system to gain highest scores. For pros.

*** Extremely fast game start. Stop the app whenever you want and continue to play immediately at the same position.

“Just awesome!” – Stephen L.

“I see colored boxes, when I go to sleep…” – Emma T.

“It’s great that it starts that fast. I play it even when I have only some minutes time.” – Nora F.

“At first sight it might look simple, but there is so much puzzle fun in it. Go and get it!” – Justin M.

If you like Tetris or Bejewled you will love MoveColors!

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