MouseFight is not just different from other “Mouse Games”. You should read the details:
* You will have fun with slide-hit on mouses. Just like the “fruit-sliding game”!
* Fantastic scenes and more than 10 characters of mouse.
* Interesting items bring you interesting experiences.
* The mouse boss is provoking, punch him with combo slide-hits!
* Coins are falling down all over the screen. Catch as much as you can!!
* There is a lucky slot-machine. Make your money from it!
* Coins are yours if only you come everyday.

The world of little fairies was full of happiness and love. However, one day Milo, the king of mouses, took his armies to the happy world. He want to steal the secret of happiness. The world of little fairies then was ruined. Little fairies decided to fight against Milo and his armies, but they are too small. So they came to you! Please, help them with your power!


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