Mouse Trap Lite

Mouse has lost all his Gold to the Evil Cats in his Haunted House. Use the unique trapping ability of Mouse Trap Lite to get his Gold back. If you like what you find in the Haunted House, you can buy the full version of the Game: ‘Mouse Trap’.

Mouse Trap Lite features fun gameplay and an innovative gameplay style. Be prepared to use your skill, reflexes and determination to get your Gold back.


✔ Addictive Gameplay:
Will keep you coming back to this game over and over again.

✔ Escape to another world:
With fantastic music & sound effects you will get fully immersed into the World of Mouse Trap. Similarly, the High Definition (Retina) graphics, provide a rich and creative experience for young and old.


❶ Simply open the app.
❷ Select to play.
❸ Trap the Cat & stop it from moving to win.


● Some of the very rare blocks in the Haunted House will occasionally let you & other blocks move right through them.
● Hold down the joypad buttons to keep moving in one direction


Special Thanks to the Seligman Brothers: Richard & Nigel, for their inspiration in creating this game.

Thanks to Dias for the fantastic images.

App uses sound files from Freesound (
Approximately 850 Enthusiast Audience by Lonemonk
Evil Laugh by The Baron
Yeah by Totya

App also uses sound files from:
750ml Of Cider In Search Of by Dydjej Inja
The Annual New England Xylophone Symposium by DoKashiteru


Warning: Do not use this app if you suffer from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

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