Motorcycle Racer – Fun Exciting And Fast Racing Game

***** Love this Game…Feels Like I am sitting on The Bike and Driving*****
Danny B, California.

*****Love the fact that you can eliminate obstacles while SPEEDING down the Highway***** Rob, M. Miami Beach.

Race Your Motorcycle down the Highway while shooting lasers at obstacles as you Clear the Road for yourself. You simply TILT your phone or tablet from side to side as you SPEED away. Ad fuel / points by picking up Gas Cans…. SUPER COOL!

Super cool Graphics and fun to play…as you ride your motorcycle at insane speeds.


- Simply TILT your phone / iPad from Left to Right to steer your Motorcycle Racer
- You want to avoid all obstacles OR Shoot them down
- Simply Tap on the screen to Fire Of Your Laser Beams to shoot objects
- Collect RED GAS CANS to earn points / energy
- Use your laser fire carefully, if you miss targets, you have to wait
- Compete with your friends in Game Center
- Turn off sound or lower it if you need to be quiet (Settings page)


- Super addictive game and great controls
- Eye popping high definition graphics that looks VERY cool on the iPhone / iPad
- Cool scenery as you SPEED down the Highway
- Great Sound Effects and background music.

BONUS "how to":

- Picking up Gas Cans gives you more energy to shoot lasers with
- Completing the levels unlocks more challenging levels

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