MotoGP™ Kids 10 in 1

The official application of MotoGP™ for children is now available FREE!

MotoGP™ Kids 10 in 1 includes fantastic educational games to learn about MotoGP™. The games are designed to improve children’s memory, knowledge, and reflexes. It also allows kids to spend a time playing with all of their idols: Stoner, Spies, Crutchlow, Lorenzo, Rossi, Pedrosa and the other riders.

* Pop Wheely: Do a wheely with your bike and see who is the best.
* Coloring: Color fun pictures
* Counting: Count the bikes that pass
* Puzzles: Play puzzles with the most impressive bikes
* Match: Find same two helmets
* Kill the bees: Prevent bees and mosquitoes from hitting the driver’s helmet
* Racing: Participate in a MotoGP™ race and watch out for obstacles
* Handlebar: Sit on a motorcycle and drive it
* Spelling: Learn your letters with the official MotoGP™ drivers
* Memory: Test your memory and find the pairs of images

MotoGP™ Kids 10 in 1 is recommended for children ages 3 and up.

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