Motocross Elite

Have the ride of your life in the all-new and exciting racing game Motocross Elite! Rise to the challenge and see if you can beat the riders from the Elite team.

Test your skills:
• against 5 competitors
• in 50 dynamic tracks with a unique design
• while driving at high speed
• having a lot of air time
• and splashing through lots of mud!

Customize your story with multilevel upgrades, different bikes and many hilarious characters.

Motocross Elite Review

When I was just a wee lad, during the summers, my dad and I would go to a massive BMX dirt-bike obstacle course and watch the absolute insanity of these daredevils running over giant piles of dirt, popping wheelies, flying through the air, performing crazy aerial stunts and generally doing things on bikes that usually required onsite EMTs. Now all these years later comes Motocross Elite, a game that seeks to recreate the feeling of Read More →