Moto Racer 15th Anniversary – Free

Discover the new free version of Moto Racer 15th Anniversary, including a free race in GP and Super Cross mode.

Moto Racer is back with a new version, including all-new gyroscopic gameplay and even fiercer opponents than before!

♦ MOTO GP – Hit speeds of over 300km/h as you race flat out against the toughest of rivals!
♦ SUPERCROSS – Go head-to-head with your rivals in all-terrain races and tease them with your fanciest tricks.
♦ FREESTYLE – Pull off amazing Superman Seat Grabs, Indy Backflips and Can Cans as you fly through the air.

♦ CHAMPIONSHIP – Win the first place in 3 difficulty modes.
♦ SINGLE RACE – Challenge the racing drivers at any time in a single race.
♦ TIME ATTACK – Establish the best records.

✔ 2 types of controls (Accelerometer, Touch controls)
✔ 4 Cameras (Near, Far, Gyroscopic camera, Cockpit)
✔ 3 levels of difficulty (Beginner, Expert, Confirmed)
✔ 3 game modes: Championship, Single Race, Records
✔ Assisted braking available
✔ Graphic settings


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