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Motley Blocks Review

Motley Blocks is the latest Square Enix joint. Going along with their recent tradition of bringing out games that are nothing like Final Fantasy, it’s a hyper-intense puzzle game that we don’t recommend to anyone with high blood pressure. It’s very fun and very challenging, but it comes with a few roadblocks that might sap your enjoyment.

In concept, the game is as simple as can be. A cluster of blocks rotates through the air, and you have to tap or swipe through them to make them all disappear. The thing is, there are so many blocks that you can’t possibly tap fast enough to get rid of them all. That means swiping is important, but when you swipe to string them together, you can only string like-colored blocks. Touch a block of a different color, and you lose the whole string. If the whole cluster rotates a set number of times and you haven’t vanquished all blocks, it’s game over.


There’s some strategy here if your brain can work fast enough to implement it. The more like-colored blocks you can string together, the slower the whole cluster spins, giving you extra time to grab up blocks before they slip by. They also sprinkle in some power-ups like bombs and score multipliers, which you can also spend real money to purchase if you give up easily or you’re bad at games. You can even create your own levels if you’re feeling bored (and patient– the creation controls are kind of clunky).

However, the game comes with an inconvenience that makes it annoying to play: you have to manually log in each time you open the app. It claims it can remember your information and let you sign in through Facebook, but neither option worked for us. If it works for you, consider yourself lucky. If you don’t feel like registering, the game won’t let you play the single-player game, which seems unnecessary.

But mostly Motley Blocks is a fun, if poorly presented, puzzle game. Like all puzzlers worth your while, it’s simple to pick up and hard to master. If this sounds like something you’d be into, try the free version and see if it doesn’t turn you into a maniac zapping blocks all night.