Mother Earth's Preschool: Learning Birds Volume 1

Based on Elizabeth Gordon’s “Bird Children,” Learning Sounds with Birds is the third in a series of “Mother Earth’s Preschool” apps by iTunes Store favorite Once Upon an App.

This interactive, educational app is a great introduction for young children ready to learn and identify birds.

The app begins with 12 illustrations of common birds. The child selects a bird, and is given the choice of three varying sounds — like a doorbell, a dog bark, as well as the actual bird call. The child must choose the correct bird call before proceeding to a classic illustration and whimsical poem about the bird. The exercise closes with a beautiful photographic image of the bird and useful, simple facts.

Learning Sounds with Birds is a GREAT way to introduce your child to the joy of bird watching.

Full narration

Musical accompaniment

Languages: English.
Other languages coming soon!

Narrated by Allison David

Music by Nate Lee

Illustrations adapted from the “Bird Children” book written by Elizabeth Gordon and illustrated by M. T. Ross.
The original book was published by P. F. Volland & Company in 1912

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