Mosquito's Insomnia

Protect the mosquito from irritating flying creatures called “humanitos” and enjoy this old style tapping arcade “crush’em up” where your goal is to survive as long as possible, and score more points than anyone else in the world! Be number one in the leader-boards. How? Making combos, getting all the money, avoiding the bombs and beating the sheep up!

Enjoy this indie game featuring beautiful 100% pixel art graphics showcasing unique style and original color palettes. Oh, enter our web to watch the gameplay trailer and don’t forget to comment and rate the game, that will help us a lot!


✎ Don’t let the humanitos touch the mosquito, otherwise you’ll lose a life (Z icon).
✎ Touch humanitos to crush them and get points (numbers shown in gray).
✎ Move your finger across the screen to crush multiple humanitos and make combos (numbers shown in yellow).
✎ Touch the bills to get 500 or 1000 points.
✎ Touch the pills to recover your sleep (life). You have got 5 lifes (Z icons).
✎ Do not touch the bombs unless you’re playing in Deep Sleep game mode.
✎ Touch the sheep repeatedly to get 200 points with every touch.


➲ NO PILLS: You can’t recover your life
➲ ONE LIFE: 1 life only, no pills
➲ DEEP SLEEP: Now you can touch bombs!
➲ MADNESS: Characters and items everywhere!


✔ Stunning pixel art graphics.
✔ Original music.
✔ 12 different humanitos!
✔ 5 game modes (4 unlockable ones).
✔ 1 unlockable sketches gallery.
✔ Unlock new game modes and the gallery by score or by times played.
✔ Complete stats at the end of every round.
✔ Complete stats of the whole game, showing totals, maximums and averages for all game modes or sorted by mode.
✔ Enter a 3 letters alias at the end of every round for the Local Top 10.
✔ In-game Local Top 10 high scores board showing the best players that have used your device, sorted by game mode.
✔ In-game World Top 10 high scores board showing the best world players sorted by game mode, using Game Center. Also you can see your own rank.
✔ Runs on all iPhone and iPod Touch devices!

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