-[MosaicLogic] is the “Nonograms”.

-[MosaicLogic] is correspond to 5-35 Measure eyes of puzzle.

-Includes 30 puzzle.

-And you can download free puzzles.

-And you can purchase optional puzzle by use in this application.


-Able to expansion or reduction,moving.

-You can see the number of Measure eyes which were continuously drew and that position you are choosing.

-Able to be rotated.

-You can also check it’s position that you are choosing by loupe.

-You can make your original puzzle by using editor.

-Able to gift your original puzzle to world.

-In addition,there are a lot of functions like pre draw,number check system.

-Introduction of the point system!

-Now to see the latest message.(Japanese)

-You can work with Twitter.(EDIT)

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