Morph Chess 3D

Set in a gothic castle arena, Morph Chess 3D allows you to play chess in a dynamic 3D environment where the pieces morph into characters and battle it out for their captured square.

SINGLE PLAYER: Play 6 varying levels of computer AI, from Beginner all the way past Genius to Ridiculous!

MULTIPLAYER: Play against your friends on one device, with Bluetooth between two devices or over the internet!

Two interchangeable viewpoints allow you to play from overhead or on a 3D angle.

BUT I CAN’T PLAY CHESS! Let Morph Chess 3D’s ‘Move Assist’ show you the possible moves from your selected piece. Anyone can play Morph Chess 3D!

Tried & tested on iOS 5
Brought to you by Time Assassin Apps!

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Morph Chess 3D is also available on the Mac App Store.

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