A mopping mouse spins to follow arrow graffiti♪
How many graffiti can you clean off?

【The feature of a mopping mouse】
- A mopping mouse follows arrow graffiti.
- The mouse goes past star graffiti.
- If the mouse gets [Soap], the number of play times will increase.

【How to play】
1. Decide an arrow where the mopping mouse starts.
- Tap an arrow before a time bar runs out.

2. The mopping mouse follows arrows to clean up graffiti♪
- Erase graffiti until the mopping mouse goes out of the screen.
- The number of the graffiti you erased will be your score.
- The more graffiti you erase, the more score you get!

3.The game ends when the number of [Soap] reaches zero.
- Get [Soap] as possible as you can to keep cleaning♪

The game supports online ranking.
Enjoy cleaning and get high score!