The highly touted Mooniacs game is now completely 100% FREE and has been recently updated for all players with an additional 10 new “Bonus Pack” levels!!! Download today, and get a total of 100 exciting levels of adorable Mooniacs physics “flinging” mind-challenging strategy gameplay.

Plink, Hana and Blube need your help. They have ended up stranded on a strange planet and need to collect their precious JujuBees, fix their spaceship and return home. All you have to do is launch your trusty companions through 100 levels of entertaining puzzle fun across 3 beautifully drawn and diverse worlds–Briars and Brambles, The Fungi Forest, and The Deserted Island.

Collect the JujuBees, Boost your scores strategically with Big JujuBee Multipliers and trade your bounty of JujuBees for parts to fix the Mooniacs ship and get them home again. There’s many ways to complete a level, but only one way to earn the coveted Trophy prize!

* 100 Levels of strategic puzzle gameplay (Classic Game + Bonus Pack 1 are 100% Free)
* 3 uniquely shaped playable characters to challenge your strategies.
* 3 Alternate ending movie rewards to unlock.
* Play with others in the Great Swarm social community game to unlock even more upcoming free content!
* Earn a full gamut of Achievements and improve your score for Leaderboard positioning!
* Share your progress and achievements with Facebook and Twitter.

All of your valuable JujuBee progress has been saved and the recent version boast 100% graphics redesign, delivering some of the most beautifully drawn 2D art for game lovers. The Mooniacs are simply cuter than ever and you’ll need a lot of strategy to master the end game levels. Can you achieve a Trophy on every level?

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