・Moonga, the Trading Card Game (TCG), was N°1 in the RPG category of the Japanese AppStore!
・Since the game-release, more than 220.000 players tried it and approved it!
・Build your strategy around 5 cards, and be ready to challenge your friends online!
・Choose your avatar, compare your stats and contact other players directly from the game!

Moonga, the Online Trading Card Game (TCG)!

In a world ruled by the natural elements, master the spells of Moonga, and challenge your opponents! As they did for centuries now, strong warriors, Heroes of Moonga, are waiting for you, to help you in a fight against powerful enemies and creatures living in those lands. In this Fantastic world where the balance is always threatened, it’s now your turn to take a step into the battle, and write a new chapter in the “Grand Story of Moonga”.

Take your cards, and fight the best warriors of the world in order to maintain the balance of the world, or to change it forever!

“Fast rounds beats the boredom that other iOs games gives.”

“I think that game is so cool (…)”

【Game Specificities】
・Dynamic and Strategic Card Battle!
・Over 500 cards to collect!
・New cards released on a weekly basis!
・A profile page with customizable avatar and friends list!
・An integrated messaging system, and chat rooms, to talk with your friends and other players.
・Two editions, and four extensions, already released.
・Gorgeous graphic design, and user-friendly interface.
・Go to the « Cartaam Market » to trade your cards, or do private exchanges with your friends.
・Play with your friends, or try to defeat players from all over the world.

【The world of Moonga】
A Fantastic world in constant evolution, punctuated by personal conflicts and wars, and where the five elements of nature predominate. Each element has its own specificities, strengths and weaknesses:
・Earth, element of neutrality
・Fire, element of destruction
・Water, element of life
・Ice, element of protection
・Ether, element of mystery
In addition to those elements, Light and Darkness, in perpetual conflict, rule the balance of this world. However, this balance is more than compromise since battles intensified in DursTor. Even Lymronia, land of the four seasons, and the Kingdom of Waters now seem threatened! The time of the Revolt has finally come.

【Moonga Community】
・Each card of Moonga, the Online Trading Card Game (TCG), is made by a renowned international artists!
・Weekly tournaments, with many prizes to win!
・A Monthly World Ranking to designate the champions of Moonga!
・Daily Gifts for regular players!
・Many contests, with a lot of prizes.
・An active community of players on social networks.
・A cross-platform game with the ability to directly confront players from other platform.

※ 3G or WiFi connection required to play.

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