Build up your Moonbase, make alliances, and destroy your enemies in this massive multiplayer race for moon supremacy! Download Moonbase and start making friends while you conquer Mankind’s newest frontier!

Social gameplay at its best
* Meet new people or challenge your friends
* Create and build alliances
* Spies, intrigue, and strategy
* Lasting friendships formed in the heat of battle

Massively multiplayer strategic combat
* Thousands of players online
* 10 buildings with unique capabilities
* 8 unit types, 10 tech trees
* Unlimited variety of strategic options
* Face the ultimate challenge when the Martian Queen arrives
* Farm or be farmed!

What our players say:
* “It’s fun and interesting and allows me to let my imagination run wild while getting 2 know new people”
* “Gets me to do something as a team and share ideas”
* “It’s competitive and interactive”
* “It’s a challenge, you never know what’s coming”
* “Moonbase has become part of my life”

Requires an internet connection and a Facebook account.

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