Moon'd is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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New App A Day: Moon’d

We’re constantly surprised by amateur apps that feel professional, with polished graphics, spot-on physics, and a variety of interesting levels. Unfortunately, today’s featured game is not one of them.

Moon’d, an iPad physics platformer that looks a bit like The Impossible Game, feels like amateur hour from top to bottom. The physics, which were created using the Unity engine, are downright unmanageable.

Your square rolls along, gripping surfaces like steps and balls to collect all the coins and reach the end of nine short levels. Tapping the jump button makes your square bounce, but if you happen to hit the jump button when you’re clinging to a surface, you can accidentally launch your square to the moon. We’re pretty sure this is unintentional, a consequence of goofy moon physics.

The aggravating physics are the worst part of this game– with fun mechanics, we could excuse the poor graphics and repetitive music. Plus, with only nine levels, there’s not a lot of value included. That’s right: the food is bad, and the portions are small.

We hate to pile on a clearly amateur effort, but when 99 cents can buy you an incredibly polished physics game like Cut The Rope with 100 levels, there’s no reason to waste your dollar on Moon’d. We did like one level, where you view the square from behind in a surprising change of perspective. Maybe with some significant updates and more creative levels like that, Moon’d can someday become an App Store contender.