★★5-Reel 20-Line Slots Like the one in the real Casino!!★★

Join the 5 monsters now! Play this fun and exciting slots game with new effects and special features.

Once upon a time, in a peaceful and magical land, lived people and monsters in harmony…
One day… CHAOS comes to monster land to create havoc with HIS evil monsters…
Five legendary monsters gathered to stop HIM and save Monster Land…

=★No Busting Out★=================
Everyday you will get Free Gold to play
You can also add Coins from inApp Purchase

=■Slot Features■==================
【Multiple Paylines】 Up to 20 lines!!
【Bet Amount per Line】 from 3 to 12 coins per line!!

【Mini Game】 3 mini game to earn extra coins
【Bonus Game】 Free Extra Spins and Greate Muliplier

【Monster Help】 Your monster sometimes help you to win!!
【Daily Lucky Card】 Everyday the pay amount of one card can be doubled

=【More and More】==================
5 monsters with 5 Stages + 1 Boss Battle at the end
Compete with your friends with OpenFeint
Share to your Facebook Wall and Tweet!!

Enjoy the Effects during the play!!!

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