Monsterra is a dangerous world – A world under attackā€¦

Win battles as you capture territory and defeat other monsters that threaten your survival. Monsterra is a seemingly happy world with a dark secret, you are just one of thousands of a corrupt race. A race that chooses tactility over violence to sort difference. Use predictability and guess-work to plan your next move. In this distant land of uncertainty, you must become the best.

Monsterra – Think with wisdom, fight with color!

Monsterra is a friendly game that is suitable for all ages, play on your own or play with friends over WiFi or Bluetooth. Alternatively, let them play the hot seat as you play head to head on one device!

– Duel puzzle battles: Play multiplayer matches against your friends and family;
– 4 modes: Hot Seat, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, against monster machine;
– 3 game mechanics: There are three different types of matches for you to play;
– System of gain ranks: You’ll gain experience with each battle you win.

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