Relax game from Bizvision

- can select to play quest game
- or high score game
- show level completed or high score on Facebook
- on/off sound and music option
- can play iPod music between you are playing this game
- extra event
- include slot machine for extra event
- more effects

How to play
- touch more 3 same color
- touch more 5 same color 3 time for hit score count
- touch more 10 same color for critical
- 10 hit count or 3 critical can activate slot machine
- touch more 3 same color for near bomb activate

NEW !!!!!!!

- Change game style
- include more new character games
- new effect for game
- include Facebook Friends
- show who using app
- all friends
- feed friend
- show high score
- invite friends via Facebook
- include Game Center
- can play multiplayer mode(Request Match, Auto Match)
- show top score
- archive Level
- include level for each player
- show win match

*** support iPad(HD) and iPhone iOS 5.0+

Hope you relax and enjoy!

Facebook: Monsterpaoapp Game

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