Earth is the target of an attempted alien invasion by monsters from planet DooVoo. Although the monsters are small, there are so many that we need to take action immediately. It is your job as MonsterMover to keep the invasion under control by using your skills to teleport as many monsters back to their planet as possible. But be carefull, you also move the monsters of your opponent, so don’t give away any points!

MonsterMove is an addictive, fast paced game, that requires you to make quick combinations, but also to watch your opponent’s screen. The first “Sync” game mode, available at launch, allows you to take turns in playing against opponents online and in realtime! Or if you have to run, you can finish your turn later as well. After 10 turns we make up the score and see who is the best MonsterMover.

The bigger your combinations, the more points you get. Big combinations also give you VooDoo powers. With them you can either help yourself, or to make your opponent’s life more difficult.

Soon you will also get the single player arcade mode, and the massive multiplayer “Armageddon” mode. Free upgrades coming to you soon!

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