Monsterball B

*** A Huge thanks to all our “Monsterball B” fans for supporting the game, you have made great support and we have done our best to provide you greater update with exciting features.


*** Major update with great new features
– 11 new stacks of boxes
– 10 more balls to play
– Add “Cross Monsterball” clears boxes in wider span
– Add “Split Monsterball” clears boxes in a row
– Add “Rocket” fires lots of rockets
– Add “Train” pushes all boxes out
– Support upside down portrait orientation
– Overall performance and stability upgrade
– Bug fixes

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Monsterball wants to have beautiful presents.

Roll the ball to get as many boxes of presents as possible.
If you hit the star, you can use Super Monsterball, which is strong enough to break all the bundle of presents at once. So don’t forgo the opportunity.
Fast physics-based actions mean you can continue with the game without any short resting time.
To get many presents, you will need some skill to roll the ball to the spot where you can knock down the bundle of presents all at once, after looking carefully at the shape of the pile of presents.
For more fun in the game, why don’t you guess what you can think of when you look at the bundles of presents?

Use Game Center to check the real-time world ranking and the rankings of your friends.

You can use it simultaneously on the iPod3, iPhone3GS, iPhone4, and iPad with a one-time purchase.

Supports iPhone4 Retina display
Supports iPad high-definition display

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