Monster's Life

“Monster’s Life” is a large SLG mobile game base on the theme of monster battle. If you’re familiar with the monster pets game, the game is a “must have” on your mobile device.

On this miraculous land, people are living with various monsters. You’ll become a young trainer, starting your own journey to discover and train more monsters. Your goal is to beat all the other trainers and become a grandmaster of monsters.

With more than 100 monsters and 400 skills, you will find your own way to survive in this land. In this elaborately designed game, you can chat, compete, collaborate, and interact with others. In the mean time, you are recommended to show your talents in the arena, upgrade your facility to reap the glory, win over precious equipments against all odds.

Download it now and let’s see who is the real monster master.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact the in game support or email

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