Monster Wars

Universal Rating: 9+

Monster Wars is a game from Liv Games, originally released 27th January, 2012


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Monster Wars Review

In Legendary Wars, you led a team of knights, elves, and other do-gooders into battle against the combined might of the undead, the mean, and the outright evil. However, there are two sides to every story. Monster Wars gives you command of the other side, letting you take control of the monsters to give the bad a fighting chance against the good.

The game pits your army against an opposing force. Each battle can have different objectives, but the gist is simple: destroy your enemy and his castle. On a two-ended battlefield, these combatants are forced together, and you’re the general who must delegate your forces marching across the terrain.

Gamers unfamiliar with Legendary Wars shouldn’t shy away from Monster Wars. The story is set out for you in an introduction and various dialogues throughout the game. The world map of Monster Wars is huge, divided into several worlds, which are further divided into stages. The first world is largely a tutorial, walking you through the detailed combat system and armory of upgrades.

You distract him while I run away!

The game plays similarly to several other games in the App Store, but it’s the upgrades that make it unique. In each stage, you can form an army of available monsters. Summoning these monsters requires gold, which your loyal gremlins gather for you gradually. Both your monsters and extra gremlins are recruited with earnings you receive in each stage. Once recruited, these monsters can have their stats boosted by spending more gold. The valuable sunstone can be used to give aggressive boosts to individual troops as well, allowing you to give further power to those skeletons or dead knights that have served you well. This opens up a variety of strategies for how you play.

The actual gameplay can become very hectic. Once you and your AI opponent summon enough forces to fill the battlefield, you’ll need to be aware of each soldier. Basics like walking direction and enemy targets can be determined with a simple tap. There are also buttons on screen that allow you to command several monsters together. You also have the option of using a special move each monster can perform, but you must press the button with a glowing skull. Otherwise, you’ll waste precious points.

Meanwhile, you must collect gold. Your gremlins will gather the gold from the nearby mines, but you must tap the nuggets of gold once they are unearthed. Just like your hoard of monster soldiers, these gremlins can be upgraded to increase mining speed and other stats.

The ugly bunch.

This game was obviously lovingly made by developers with real gaming souls. They poured their enthusiasm into the game, but where the enthusiasm shines, the polish is lacking. For one, the dialogue needs a good editor. Inconsistencies in the spelling of character names and grammatical errors can be glaring at times, and the dialogue runs a little long.

But the biggest frustration is the controls. Often, when you need to control the entire mass of monsters, you’ll find you didn’t tap the right button and you’ll move only one. Other times, your monsters’ AI will ruin your best laid plans. Without changing certain settings, your monster will head straight towards certain death rather than retreat if an enemy is nearby.

Despite these gripes, Monster Wars is still a great game with a sprawling world map full of gold-hearted knights who need slaying. If Monster Wars get the same attention and care that Legendary Wars did, this will surely stay fresh with updates till the end of time. Do you think the bad guys can really win? You’ll have to play to find out.