Monster Vile HD4

Your beloved wife has been kidnaped in a mysterious way. You are about to be engaged in an unforgettable experience where you will face ferocious monsters across 4 different worlds and 4 different underworlds, but don’t be frightened.
You are equipped with 4 different weapons (Machine Gun, Shot Gun, Grenades and Rocket Launcher) and the unstoppable drive to get your beloved wife back.


*4 different worlds.
*4 different underworlds.
*4 different weapons (Machine Gun, Shot Gun, Grenades and Rocket Launcher).
*13 different monsters (Wolfs, Zombies, Skulls, Skeletons, Bats, and much more).
*11 different objects to interact with.
*6 different pickups.
*Auto aim and auto shoot “most of the time”.
*Auto save of score and level.

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