Monster Truck Moto Chase

Gentlemen start your engines. MONSTER TRUCK MOTO CHASE will get your heart pounding. It’s a great game where the fun is ramped up and so is the excitement. A top racing game that gets the adrenaline pumping.

ARE YOU READY ? Buckle up for the action to come.
ARE YOU SET ? Get your V8 monster motor running.
GO GO GO! Slam the pedal to the metal and get that HIGH OCTANE Big Truck buzz.

Get the speedo surging on screen as you max up the gas with a TURBO BOOST.

Steer your MONSTER TRUCK skillfully through the field using the tilt controls. An error in judgement will see you CRUSH enemy cars but CRASH OUT with no mercy.

The amazing soundtrack to this game will get you in the Monster Truck Mood.

The four race modes allow for all skill levels.


★Tilt to steer your Monster Truck
★Use the touch screen to get up to max speed.
★Game Center integrated with Leaderboards and Achievements.
★Great soundtrack and SFX. Keep that volume UP!
★Turn off SFX for stealth trucking!
★This FREE game has 4 race modes available that will appeal to all skill levels.
★ HD Retina video & graphics for supporting devices

Get in pole position for Achievements.
Enjoy your Monster Trucking and keep coming back to get up the Leaderboard.

★★★ WARNING★★★

MONSTER TRUCK MOTO RACE is top fun for all ages, young children, kids and adults. But beware it is addictive. You will not want to stop. Keep on Monster Trucking!

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