Monster Truck Fast And Furious Revenge

A fun trip to the Monster Truck rally turned into a nightmare when your car ended up in the center of the pit of destruction.

The monster trucks are chasing you from every angle trying to crush your car with their giant tires. There is destruction all around while you try to escape the speeding trucks throwing mud all over the track.

Zig and zag through the dirt to get to safety while gathering fuel at every opportunity.

Here’s how the game works:

– Gameplay is simple and becomes more challenging as you avoid monster trucks

– Slide your thumb on your truck at the bottom of the screen to run forward, backward, up and down to avoid monster trucks

– Collect fuel cans to unlock different characters

– The longer you play, the faster the game moves. Each time you play Monster Truck Revenge it changes so you never play the same game twice.

– Gamecenter Leaderboards let you see how you score compared to other players by how long you’re able to survive and fuel
– Challenge your friends to beat your score!

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