Monster Puzzles

Do you love monsters? Do you love puzzles?

Monster Puzzles is the perfect portable monster puzzle!

Monster Puzzles provides hours of jigsaw entertainment for you and your family. You can solve any of the dozens of puzzles in the app or you can import your own creations from either Monster Coloring Book or Monster Mash.

Simply swipe, select a monster, and begin solving your puzzle – but keep an eye on the monsters! They like to play if you tap them..

– settings that can be modified to change difficulty
– 20 in-app monster puzzles
– thousands of importable options via Monster Coloring Book or Monster Mash

Watch for free updates!

Also, if you like monsters, be sure to check out Playtend‚Äôs other monster apps: Monster Coloring Book, Monster Mash, & Dibu’s Monster Maker.

Optimized for retina display on both iPad and iPhone.

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