Monster Hopper

Hi my name is jack, I am 12 years old and I broke my leg on my birthday skateboarding. You may think that that is unlucky but no you’re wrong it’s not because I got to design and make a game with the help of my Dad (He and my uncle own which I probably wouldn’t have had time for if I didn’t. My game kept me entertained while I was injured and I hope it keeps you entertained too.

Here are some of the features of my game

– It’s a classic old school platformer
– It has Game Center so you can try and outscore you’re friends
– Easy and efficient controls
– Double-jump (because all good games have double-jump)
– Increase your multiplier to get higher scores
– A boss at the end of every level
– Addictive!

So please download it and if you like it tell your friends.

This is my first game with many more to come as I attempt the half-pipe again!

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