Monster Fruit

$0.99 SPECIAL! Great game for kids : ) Please give us a 5 star if you enjoy it.
Meet Mylo, Puddy, Sonny, and Eli. These monsters love fruit. Their favorite fruit comes from a magic tree in an enchanted garden. When the fruit appears, grab it and play “keep away” from the monsters for 30 seconds until they calm down. Each monster has a super power and will do anything to get the fruit from you. We don’t want to spoil any surprises but let’s just say, expect the unexpected! Here’s a secret… The monsters are very, very, very ticklish. You can tickle one or all at the same time. Try and get the highest score you can. The closer the fruit is to the monsters, the more points you get. When 30 seconds are up and the monsters are calm, give them the fruit. This way they learn to be patient and grateful.

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The It’s About Time team

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