Monster Flick

Limited time $0.99 introductory price!

The acclaimed action fantasy defense game is now available for the iPad! Get ready for an epic journey to defend your land against hordes of soldiers, monsters, machines and other nasty fiends using a huge arsenal of towers and spells at your fingertips!

Don’t let the enemies breach the Castle walls! Monster Flick features a touch response gameplay that allows you to defend against waves of enemy monsters using gestures anywhere and everywhere. Touch, swipe and multitouch to produce elite soldiers, powerful archery ranges, stunning sorcery towers and more that each have their own unique abilities and play style! Featuring more than 20 levels, Monster Flick is offers a wealth of level unlocks, ability unlocks, and exciting close-quarters strategic combat.

Defeat the enemy siege and save the land!

Monster Flick highlights:

– Engaging defence battles that balance action and strategy perfectly

– Command close-quarters combat and across-the-battle defence

– 10 specialised attack and defence units to customise your strategy. Barracks, workshops, towers, farmland, and more!

– Over 20 levels that keep fresh, challenging and engaging.

– Over 18 different enemies, each with their own skills and attributes.

– Outstanding HD graphics and full soundtrack.

– In-game help references with information on your attack and defence units

– Retina display!

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