Monster Fight

Monsters came to earth!
A troop of monsters have been seeking food and house cross the space. Finally they found out our beautifully blue planet. They are landed and hided anywhere, probably underground, in the trash box or even within the candies… 

Each of them is equipped with special skill – ‘WAPU’ is scared with your finger click, ‘GULU’ could jump to avoid your touch, ‘AMU’ actually is a twin-monster, ‘GUALA” will be survived after being divided…. 

Warm-up your fingers and enjoy this game!


-Simple but skillful game with your fingers
-Three lovely scenes with different adventures
-Seven cute monsters, equipped with different “skills”
-“Coins Arena” for collecting Monster coins
-Fulfilling multi-tasks to get upgrade and unlock
-Challenge mode and Endless mode with different fun
-Lovely animation with cute cartoons
-Game Center enabled

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