Monster Difference

“Monster Difference is addicting and challenging, loads of family fun”.- 4/5
“This game is designed with kids in mind, but it is definitely challenging enough for the grown –ups as well… I recommend it. This game is definitely fun for the whole family”.- 4/5
“The artwork is vibrant and fun featuring humorously-crafted monsters in a variety of environments. The developer has created enough differences (randomly generated for each game) that you won’t play the same game twice and this keeps the game unexpected”. – 4.5/5

Monster Difference is a fun game for the whole family. Find the differences between these awesome monsters. Think fast and discover them! The clock is ticking!

Have fun while you and your kids improve attention skills and exercise their brain.
★3 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Hard.
★Find 3 differences in Easy, 5 in Medium and 7 in Hard mode.
★You will have 30 seconds.
★The differences change every time you play.
★Find every difference to proceed to the next level.
★Each mistake will cost you time.
★If you lose you can see the solution.
★Tricky differences to make you keep looking.
★Intuitive gameplay and user interface.

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