Monster Burner

What players are saying:
•”Monster Burner is the best game on my iPad!!!!!!!!”
•”I love this game!!! I get the same joy as I did when I first played sp★ce inv★ders. Thank you!”
•”This is cool and fun. I love the gold rush!”
•”Wowwwwwwww…it’s fun game for me n my son”
•”Monster Burner is the best game next to Tap Tap Revenge and Temple Run in my book! It’s super fun and I think anybody who has a habit of being bored (like myself) should play it!”

Burn them all!
The Morglins are invading! Only you can stop them with your fingers of fire! Throw fireballs to kill the longest lines of monsters possible and score big to unlock the next levels. Collect coins to upgrade your fireballs and equip yourself with devastating fire spells. Only then will you be ready to take part in the most dangerous challenges and show your friends who the true Master Monster Burner really is.

•One new level EVERY DAY in Level of the day
•40+ Adventure and Challenge Levels
•Gold Rush Levels to collect tons of coins several times a day
•Weekly Gold Rush level change
•Blast your friend’s avatar in game

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