Monko Jumpo

#10 Adventure & Family games in many countries.

2 Games in 1 app:
2.99 -> 1.99 for limited time!

-You will be addicted to this game for the first time you play it- AppsTouch
-Easy yet challenging, a must have for those of you who love platformer games- iTouchApps

“funnier than I thought” – iTunes Review (US) 5/5
“Cute & destructive, I like it!” – iTunes Review (US) 5/5
“It’s really addictive, you should definitely give it a try!!” – iTunes Review (US) 5/5

The battles for fruits between monkeys and mice are never ended!
How could you retrieve the fruits and all the golden melons for the monkey tribes?

“Monko Jumpo” currently contains 2 cartoon 2D platformer game modes with totally different playing style!

Mode2 – Monko Quest (Platformer blend with puzzle elements,you will like it!) – NEW!!
• 2D platformer with well built physic engine, you can pick up/throw away/pile up/push off/stand on the blocks & NPCs!
• Break Bricks, get Coins, find out Golden Melons, fight bosses, get the keys & rescue Princess!
• Various power-ups help you on the journey
• 170+ hand-crafted levels with challenge, EXP & secret levels.
• Multiple Characters.
• Exciting arena & tough boss fight levels.
• Mice wear in various disguise are trying to stop your way.
• Challenge your skills to find and get all Golden Melons unlock episode levels.
• Collect enough “Red Rings” to unlock “Expansion Levels”.
• Find out the “Crystal Rings” at some very tricky spot in some levels to unlock challenge levels to save the princess!
▶ Technique:”Final Kick” – You can jump once in air when the character fall down from platform, use it to reach some tricky spot. (it’s not double jump)

Mode1 – Get Fruits Back (Original Relaxing Endless Run)
• Ride on banana slider, chase/hit the mice to sky high and get stolen fruits back to the tribe.
• Get enough fruits to pass levels before reach goal.
• More than 20 kinds of equipments, power-ups, helps you in your adventure.
• Collect “Banana Rings” to get equipments and use super equipments at right timings.
• You can choose the world and expansion theme to build up the stage you like to play.
• Each expansion theme provide unique random equipments for your mice hunting.
• Multiple Characters.
• Randomized stage environment each time you play.
• Destructive fun, easy way to get on a rampage for all ages!
• • Technique:”Jumpo Hit” – touch jump right before hit objects to popped out more items.

Additionally feature:
▶ Multiple world including grasslands, highlands, cave, desert, graveyard. snowlands.
▶ Power-ups can be mix up, make various combinations.
▶ Compete against your friend through Game Center.
▶ 8 leaderboards & 40+ achievements await for your challenge.
▶ A must have app play with ladies, children, family & friends.

▶ “Free updates” include new game modes, characters, season expansions, levels coming up gradually!!

If you enjoy Monko Jumpo, add a review or a rate to help the development of Monko Tribe by free update!! Thank you for your support!!

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Enjoy it,
Have fun!! :)

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