Monkeys Joy


“Monkeys’ Joy” is as fun as it sounds! It’s easy to play and it will heighten your thinking skills. People of all ages will enjoy stacking the cute little monkeys while playing “Monkeys’ Joy.” Try the game and see.

In this exciting game, your job is to help the monkeys reach their coconuts at the top of the tree. You should see what the monkeys do after they reach the coconuts! You’ll love the dancing and exciting music.

Like real monkeys, the monkeys in “Monkeys’ Joy” come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are bigger and some are smaller. Some are wider and some are thinner. Use your thinking skills to stack the monkeys on top of each other according to their size to reach the coconuts at the top of the tree. The monkeys need to be stacked from the largest (on the bottom) to the smallest (at the top) until the monkeys can reach the coconuts.

It’s very easy to stack the monkeys. All you have to do is drag them to the bottom of the tree. Just be careful when you choose the next monkey to put on the stack. Make sure it’s a smaller one! If you think you stacked the wrong size monkey on the pile, just click the “Undo” button. If you accidentally do stack bigger ones on smaller ones, the monkeys will topple down into the sand. Even that is cute and fun!

But don’t give up if that happens. You can try again! When you stack the monkeys in the correct order, the coconuts drop down and the monkeys start dancing and celebrating around the tree. You should see the coconuts raining down! It’s great!

To win the game, collect as many coconuts as you can! Your score increases by the total weight of the monkeys every time you successfully get the coconuts.

Happy stacking!

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