The game story is from an ancient Chinese myth. The theme of the game is from Monkey King Havoc in Heaven.
Your task is to build the monkey towers in key positions to stop the enemy’s violation. Do not underestimate these little monkeys, they are becoming larger and stronger. In addition to these little monkeys, you can control a Monkey King with strong fire in the scene.
Battle is about to beginning! You need to make every effort to protect the monkey’s site will not be violated.
Monsters are slowly approaching! Seize the time to establish strong barriers of monkey towers. Is not the fire of Monkey tower strong enough? It does not matter, let the Monkey King release skill to push back the monsters. First release a fixed body technique to let them not move. Then Monkey King’s “two places at once” and “eyes” release a more powerful attack. Do not forget that these little monsters are very rich, let the Monkey King release another skill to get the money you deserve. The boss is coming, then to activity your thumb to complete the Monkey King’s nirvana. So long as you are powerful enough, you can get the appropriate incentives which are provided by the game, you can also continue to buy new monkey towers to achieve a more powerful attack effect.
The effect of the game picture is exquisite, easy to use operation, and yet challenging. There are currently 30 different styles of points available to you. From Huaguoshan to underwater, and then Monkey King Havoc in Heaven, the game is on the basis of respect for the original variety of adaptation, each level has a different scene to match, and the characterization of each scene is different, so sometimes you can feel a bit confused. If you want to be strong, you must not only powerful attack, but also resourceful.

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