Monkey Math

Monkey Math is the premier app for kids who want to have fun learning their times tables.

Using the proven technique of number chains to encourage your children to learn, Mr Monkey is here to help them develop their knowledge of their times tables.

Mr Monkey presents your children with 2 games to play, one in which they play to reveal Mr Monkey by piecing together a number chain, while the other rewards them with medals and trophies for achieving different levels of competence at each of their 12 times tables. Challenge your kids to beat Mr Monkey’s score in the high score table!


– Multi-user to allow your kids to compete with each other
– Number chains can be automated to include any combination of numbers from 1 to 12, allowing you to help your kids focus on the areas they need to
– High score tables challenge your kids to better themselves and beat Mr Monkey’s score
– Gold, silver and bronze awards can be won for each times table, giving your children an incentive to keep improving!
– Trophies are awarded by Mr Monkey for achieving a consistent level for all of your times tables!

Your kids will find it a blast, and the adults will probably want a go too!

Reviews: “… a fun way to get in basic multiplication practice.”

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