Monkey Land

It’s time to tease some MONKEYS!

Mokoko, the giant monkey received a letter from his beloved master. He must defeat the vampire monkey Dr. Apula and retrieve all the stolen bananas!

Prepare yourself to the ultimate touch game, travel the country, use the legendary rings and tease your monkeys friends as fast as possible before they knock you down!

Avoid NINJA monkeys, SAMOURAI monkeys, VAMPIRE monkeys and also …CUTE PINK monkeys!

Raise golds, upgrade your power, your vitality and unlock mini-games (only the shopkeeper knows the right way!)


*A complete and revisited Whack-A-Mole game with multitouch
*An entertaining and addictive action game with amazing graphics!
*Many enemies and bosses to defeat
*More than 45 levels
*Gain experience and upgrade your level
*Mini-games to unlock
*Buy items and increase your power
*Great musics and sounds
*Send your best experience to the Game Center
*Retina support

★ “Monkey Land is a lot more fun that a dressed-up whack-a-mole should be!”

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