Take your game to the streets in this 3 point basketball shooter. Moneyball features 3D graphics and physics to deliver an authentic gaming experience. Practice alone or play with friends to become the best shooter on the courts. Pick from 10 unique balls with different behaviors and effects like the watermelon ball that goes “Splat” or the bomb ball that goes “Boom” or the heavy ball that craters the ground on impact!

Make three shots in a row and you are On Fire! Be sure to sink that moneyball shot at the end of each series as they are worth 5 points and the halfcourt shot worth 10! Streaks of making shots can double or triple your points! Moneyball is simple to play but hard to master.

There are 30 achievements to collect as you master your shooting skills!

Don’t forget to unlock stat tracking to view both your stats and the stats of your friends.

“Its Like Basketball but on Steroids!” – Tina

“This game is so cool, Dad” – Vinny

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