Money Turtle x am730 LITE

This is a trial of our popular “Money Turtle X am730″. There are 100 cards in the game, but player will be able to play until 30 cards are left in the pile.

“Money Turtle” is an investment-themed simulated card game that is based on solid investment theories, that make it a perfect tool for experienced investors to practice their asset management skills. However the game does not require prior financial knowledge, therefore it is also fun and exciting for complete beginners or people who are into casual gaming.

HOW TO PLAY THE GAME There are 2 types of cards: The ASSET cards representing tradable assets, and the FUNCTION cards representing events that affect asset prices. There are 4 players (the player + 3 computers), who are given 7 cards and no cash to start with. When it is the player’s turn, the player must decide to buy/sell asset(s) or take/play function card(s). One by one, the game proceeds in clockwise. When all the cards are taken, the game ends. The player has the highest value (assets plus cash) wins.

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