Money Games

Play the REAL sports game right on your desk! Money Games make it possible with Augmented Reality technology.

Augmented Reality (AR) is the concept of superimposing 3D graphics on top of the real world as seen through your phone’s camera. This give you new game experience and make you plunge into the game by connecting the real world objects and 3D interactive virtual content.

With Money Game, you can throw a ball, shoot an arrow, make a soccer free-kick or toss papers from real world, just like in real game!

– 4 in 1 combo : Basketball, Soccer, Archery and Paper toss
– Support 10 different currencies as marker
– Illuminate with flash to play in dark environment
– Stunning graphics and sound effects with retina display, 4x anti aliasing
– Simple and addictive gameplay
– Intuitive controls
– Universal application

– Find a bill or download and print the universal marker from :
– We currently support 10 bills : 1 US Dollar, 20 Canadian Dollars, 5 Australian Dollars, 20 Euros, 10 UK Pounds, 1000 Japanese Yen, 1000 Korean Won, 1 Chinese Yuan, 100 Hong Kong Dollars and 100 Singapore Dollars
– You should make the front side of those bill facing up, the back side of those bills is not supported
– Start the game and point the camera at the bill/marker
– Make sure your bill/marker is flat
– The match will begin, enjoy!

Download the marker from (A4 size is recommended)

Video Trailer

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