Money Count AUD PLUS

Money Count(AUD) PLUS is a Competition of your Instant Memory with Australian Dollar Coins.

This App has easy three steps as follows;

1) Coins are randomly left on the board.
2) Memorize them in a few seconds!
3) Then, Guess the Total Amount!

If your amount is correct, then you can go to next stage.

—OPTION Function——–

1) Setting of the types of Coins

2) Setting of time

This app “Money Count” strengthen you to your instant memory and calculation.

(Besides, if you don’t live in Australia, then when you go to Australia, you can already have good skill to count Australian Dollars with this app.)

Money Count App Lineup,,,

Money Count USD — USDollar
Money Count CAD — Canadian Dollar
Money Count EURO — EURO
Money Count JPY — Japanese Yen
Money Count GBP — Sterling Pound
Money Count AUD — Australian Dollar

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