Mom vs Bad

You know your Mom is a hero, but did you know that she is a SUPER HERO? In between all her daily activities, Mom gets called into action to battle BAD and put the world right!

Join Mom on her adventures as she battles BAD and rescues some pets in peril! Trouble is afoot and cats are falling from the skies! Can Mom help rescue the falling felines by throwing them parachutes so they safely land on the ground? It’s up to you to decide!!!

Look out for falling objects, and use your slow motion super power to get out of the way!

Game Features:
• 3 unique adventures
• 30 challenges
• Super slow motion!!
• Bonus animals for extra points!!
• Many falling obstacles to avoid!!
• Purchase adventure and challenge keys to keep you moving forward!!

More adventures, animals, and challenges coming soon!
For more information visit:
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