It is the exciting puzzle game that is easy to pick up that offers hours of great value fun. Are you good enough to build all the molecules before the time runs out? Come and test yourself!

Molecular comes with 30 levels and four difficulty setting.
You have to move the atoms around the screen with your finger to create the molecule shown in the bottom right of the screen. The faster you do this, the better, as any time remaining when you complete the molecule will be converted to points and added to your score. There are some restrictions; you can only slide the atoms horizontally or vertically, they won’t stop moving until they hit the wall or another atom and you can only have one atom in motion at a time. The target molecule can be built anywhere on the screen that it will fit.

The full version offers:
* 30 unique levels of challenging and exciting fun
* Great graphics and sound effects

* Play your own music in the background or listen to the unique in-game music and audio.
* 4 levels of difficulty
* Classic, old-school gameplay.

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